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Learn write more better from book teachings without money

Oh man, I really should have read these free writing guides before I tried to craft my own headline. Now I just feel stupid. Actually, I feel like an SEO rebel, because from what I hear, writing a nonsensical headline … Continue reading

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50+ useful websites for Kindle owners

There are plenty of resources online for the Kindle owner, but if you rely solely on Google to find them you’ll miss out on some good stuff. Here’s a list of 51 Kindle blogs, tools, and communities where you can … Continue reading

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Helpful advice for new Kindle owners

Here are some handy tips from actual Kindle owners to newcomers who just got one in the past few days. I cribbed most of these from this Amazon Discussion Forum thread, and although I’ve edited it down to the ones … Continue reading

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Kinstant update adds customizable shortcuts

Kinstant, the online shortcuts page designed for the Kindle that I first covered back in October, has been upgraded. The calculator is still there (click the “show menu” link at the top of the screen), but now there’s local weather … Continue reading

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Today's bargain book: "The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition" by Richard Templar

Price: $0.00 Summary: Some people are simply great at their job. They always seem to say the right thing; do the right thing. They are mentioned in every conversation. Everybody likes them. They get promoted. They get pay rises. They … Continue reading

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Kinstant provides a ready-to-go homepage for your Kindle browser

Update: Want your own version of a shortcuts page? Use my template file. The website Kinstant.com is designed to serve as a pre-configured home page for your Kindle browser–just visit kinstant.com on your Kindle for a list of links to … Continue reading

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Today's bargain book: "So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience" by Mark Magnacca

Price: $0.00 Summary: It’s tough, but true—the people you’re trying to communicate with, sell to, or convince don’t really care about you. Nor do they care what you’re offering them, until they understand exactly how it’ll benefit them. If you … Continue reading

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Create free blog subscriptions on the Kindle 3 using Wi-Fi and Calibre

One of the benefits of having Wi-Fi on the latest Kindle model is you can use the feature to send yourself documents without incurring a fee: “If you transfer personal documents to your Kindle via Wi-Fi there is no delivery … Continue reading

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