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How Kindle’s new Public Notes could change the way we read ebooks

Someone else may have already noted this, but it took me four days to realize the game-changing potential of the upcoming Public Notes feature Amazon is bringing to the Kindle. If authors and celebrities take to it the way they’ve … Continue reading

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Old fogeys celebrate as page numbering comes to Kindle

I firmly believe page numbers belong on pages, not on screens, but as this Teleread post last week indicated, there are some hold-outs who demand the damned things for all sorts of reasons that are Very Wrong. Those people will … Continue reading

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Figuring out sideloading on the updated Kindle for iOS app

Updated 12 Jan 2010 with corrections. It turns out that the best new feature of the updated Kindle app… After hearing back from others as well as from an Amazon developer, I re-tested all of my files on both an … Continue reading

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Amazon extends newspapers and magazines to Kindle for Android app, promises other apps will follow

Today Amazon announced that its Kindle for Android app has been updated to let readers access both single issues and subscriptions of some of the biggest selling newspapers and magazines. Update (or download) the app to your Android device today … Continue reading

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Kindle for iPhone updated to 2.2.1, improves highlighting

If you read Kindle books on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, be sure to upgrade to the latest version, which was just released a few hours ago. The new version corrects some wackiness that was happening with the highlighting … Continue reading

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Amazon pulls Kindle game over offensive language

The new Kindle game Every Word really means every word, even slangish, potentially offensive terms. At his blog laughing-stalk, Erik Deckers wrote that last night he was trying to finish an Every Word game and got stuck on one final, … Continue reading

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Kindle for iPad/iPhone updated, now includes built-in dictionary

You can stop making up dirty meanings for big words now. (What, I’m the only one who does that?) Amazon has just pushed out a significant update to the Kindle for iPhone app. Now it has a built-in 250,000 word … Continue reading

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