"The New Yorker" mag finally available on the Kindle

The New Yorker Kindle EditionIf you enjoy reading really well-written general news and feature writing, you should give The New Yorker magazine a try. I’ve waited a year for this to be offered on the Kindle, and now it finally is! Even better, at $2.99 a month it works out to about 77 cents an issue, which is an amazing price for the amount of content you get for each issue, and cheaper than most print subscription deals you can find.

So why do I recommend subscribing to The New Yorker? Because more than any other magazine I’ve come across, they balance their writing equally between respect for the reader, respect for the subject matter, and devotion to the English language. The articles can be long-ish, but usually they’re so interesting that you don’t notice–or don’t want them to end when they do.

As far as reviews of movies, television, and popular music, meh, you can find more relevant writing elsewhere in my opinion. The architecture and book criticism pieces are always strong.

And as always, there’s a 14 day trial subscription, which should be enough to get you two test issues to see whether it’s worth it to you. It suffers from the typical Kindle edition drawbacks: fewer images, which in this case means fewer cartoons than the print edition, and no photographs (which were always few and far between to begin with, but of an excellent quality).

The New Yorker Kindle Edition

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