Two text-based Kindle games on sale for 99 cents each through January

The official Amazon Kindle blog just announced that two text-based adventure games, “Choice of the Dragon” and “Choice of Broadsides,” are on sale for $0.99 each through January 31st. Both games are similar to adventure gamebooks that were popular in the 80s, where the choices you make throughout the story lead to different conclusions.

The one consistent complaint I’ve seen in the user reviews is that both games are too short for their usual $5 price tag, but that for $1 they’d feel about right. In other words, if you’re the type who enjoys adventure gamebooks, this is a good time to try them out.

There now two dozen different games on the Kindle Store. To make browsing them easier, I’m keeping a master list on the Games section of the blog.

“New on Kindle: Text-Based Adventures” [Kindle Post]

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