Want to see ConsumerReports.org’s ereader reviews and ratings? Free access today only

Consumer Reports is one of the original paywall publications, and for good reason—they don’t take outside advertising or have corporate sponsors, and they are complete geeks when it comes to thoroughly testing every product they review. (Believe me, I’ve visited their home office before.) Because of this, it’s nearly impossible to find the details of their in-depth reviews unless you subscribe or thumb through the magazine at a library or bookstore.

Today, however, they’re offering free access to their website for 24 hours. You have to register, but there’s no credit card info required, just name, address, and email. There’s also no verification process, so theoretically you can make up anything you want if you’d prefer to remain private.

You’ve probably already heard that Consumer Reports recently named the new Nook Simple Touch ereader the best of the 6″ models, beating out the Kindle 3 by one point (the scores were 78 and 77 respectively). But now you can see the full list, and see how everyone stacks up on a range of features and performance criteria.

Consumer Reports free access offer [via Consumerist]

Disclosure: I used to blog for Consumerist, which is owned by the parent organization that owns Consumer Reports. None of that past professional relationship has any bearing on this post, however.

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